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This Is Your Solution... Behavioral Strategies & ARDR Sound Therapy to improve Mental Health, Parenting Skills, ADHD/Anxiety/Depression and Life Transitions. 

I think one of the hardest things about being a woman in the world today is that people ex


Marlowe Kaufmann, M.Sc. Neuroscience

Welcome! This is your safe place...

I bring more than 15 years of experience in Behavioral Therapy Practices & Research. Having published more than 35 articles, book chapters, reviews and presenting as Keynote Speaker at Local, National, and International Conferences.
My practice provides evidence based Behavioral Intervention programming for ADHD, Parenting, Life Skills Training (Adulting 101) Emotional Wellness, Relationship Health, life changes, divorce care, anger management & Vocational Transitions.
I am please to be a Global Behavioral Strategist offering guidance using the concepts and methodology from a variety of approaches to Therapy, in conjunction with extensive application of Behavioral Neuroscience.

~Keynote Speaker (CBC Radio. Global News) and Writer (Today's Parent Magazine 2013)
"Parenting is always filled with new challenges. I am here to help you and your child or teen overcome some of these challenges "​



Directed, Structured & Results Driven Therapy. Our services are designed to help you gain a stronger sense of self, enhance your emotional life, and develop more intimate and gratifying relationships to successfully pursue your life goals with new perspective and practical tools. 


Healthy relationships are one of the best parts of life, yet stress, difficulty communicating, emotional challenges, and lack of self-confidence can sabotage your romantic and non-romantic relationships. When you need help building or repairing relationships, I can teach you the strategies and skills you need to overcome your roadblocks and enjoy long-lasting, caring relationships.


Rewire your brain through Deep Sound Stimulation....Stimulating Brain Circuits Promotes Neuron Growth, Improving Cognition and Mood. Increasing neuroplasticity and the production of neural pathways to improve memory, cognition, and emotional processing.


This system painlessly delivers sound pulses stimulating nerve cells in a region of the brain involved in mood control—called the dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex.


FMRI has measured brain activity before, during and after session wherein researchers were able to see in real time what changes were happening in the brain.


The team found that by stimulating the dorsolateral pre-frontal cortex and several other regions of the brain were also activated. These other regions are involved in multiple functions—from managing emotional responses to memory and motor control.



Sound therapy is The technology works by targeting specific areas of the brain with non evasive sound impulse frequency, and a new study has demonstrated how the approach can be customized based on individual brain activity to treat cases long resistant to traditional forms of therapy.


MDT, IPP Coordination for FSCD, School and family consultation and 1:1 strategy and behavioral modification programming and support.

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