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Marlowe Gelmon

Learn all about Marlowe Gelmon: 

Marlowe brings more than 15 years of professional experience in Behavioral Therapy Practices & Research. She has published more than 35 articles, book chapters, reviews and has presented as Key Note Speaker at Local, National, and International Conferences.
Marlowe runs Behavioral Intervention programming for ADHD, Parenting, Emotional Wellness, Relationship Health & Vocational Transitions.

Marlowe provides comprehensive Behavioral Strategies and guidance using the concepts and methodology from a variety of approaches to Therapy, in conjunction with extensive application of Behavioral Neuroscience.

~Keynote Speaker (CBC Radio. Global News) and Writer (Today's Parent Magazine 2013)
"Parenting is always filled with new challenges. I am here to help you and your child or teen overcome some of these challenges "

Through the use of various methods and collaborative treatment measures, you will develop life-changing habits to help cope with life’s various obstacles. My therapy sessions are designed to dissect points of concern & provide effective tools/strategies to overcome challenges.

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